Standard Specifications – Final – 2010

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Ivins City Standard Specifications For Design and Construction 2010

Download Entire Document Table of Contents Introduction
Part 1: General Improvement Requirements 1.1 Definitions
1.2 Required City Permits
1.3 Other Permits
1.4 Applicable Ordinances
1.5 Construction Drawings/Plans
1.6 Coordination
Part 2: Engineering and Design Standards 2.1 Surveying
2.2 Geotechnical Engineering
2.3 Storm Water Design
2.4 Grading
2.5 Erosion Control
2.6 Street Design
2.7 Traffic
2.8 Sanitary Sewer Design
2.9 Water System Design
2.10 Lighting
2.11 Utility Layout
Part 3: Standard Specifications for Construction 3.0 local Modifications to APWA Specifications
Section 32 01 18 Fog Seal
Section 32 01 19 Asphalt Emulsion Seal Coat
Part 4: Standard Drawings for Construction 4.0 Local Modifications to APWA Standard Plans
Ivins Roadway Drawing (R-01 through R-07)
Ivins Grading Drawings 
Ivins Sewer Drawings 
Ivins Storm Drain Drawings
Ivins Irrigation Drawings

Ivins Water Drawings

Ivins Streetlighting Drawings
Appendices Appendix A Minimum Field Testing
Appendix B List of APWA Required Submittals

Appendix C Cost Estimation Approved Unit Prices – Rev 2018-04

Appendix D Final Inspection Checklist
Appendix E Geotechnical Report Check List
Appendix F Water Usage Form
Appendix G Ivins City Control Record Survey
Appendix H Preliminary/Final Drainage Rpt Cklst
Appendix I Street Cross Sections
Appendix J TIS Report Format
Appendix K Construction Review Checklist
APWA Manual of Standard Specifications 2007 APWA Manual of Standard Plans 2007 Amendments to APWA Manual of Standard Specifications: 2007 Supplement