The State of Utah Division of Drinking Water recently identified a potential cross-connection in the Ivins City Municipal Water System. Some homes in the Taviawk area of Kayenta were allowed to install individual booster pumps due to low pressures in the system at higher elevations.

The City’s weekly water sampling program has not found any evidence of contamination, but these individual booster pumps are considered to be a potential vulnerability because it increases the risk that, in the improbable scenario that multiple backflow prevention devices fail, backflow might occur from a private home’s plumbing system back into the public water system.

The City is working on plans to install a small-scale pump station in this small area of the system to replace and eliminate the individ-ual booster pumps, which will bring the system back into compliance with State codes. The plan is to have the new pump station in place and operating by October 31, 2019.

The City will continue to regularly monitor and test the system every week. Further notice will be sent if any problems are detected. This ongoing monitoring and testing is an indicator that your drinking water still meets all state and federal health standards.

If you have any questions, please contact Ivins City Public Works at 634-0689 or email at [email protected].