Storm_DrainStorm Drain/Flood Control System

The storm drainage system provides collection of storm water off of properties and streets to safely deliver the water to washes and ultimately the Santa Clara River.

The storm drain collection system consists of the following:

  • 25 miles of pipelines with sizes up to 72 inches in diameter
  • 962 inlets and manholes, and
  • 8 detention/flood protection dams.

Storm drain policy is that the pipelines are designed for storms with 10 year recurrence risk.

There are also multiple small scale detention basins scattered throughout the City, either privately maintained (usually by a home owner’s association) or maintained by the City. These basins are essential to reduce the risk of flooding in the City.

Pollution Prevention
Many people mistakenly believe that storm drain water is treated before discharging to the river. It is not. As respectful citizens we should all be careful of how we dispose of potential pollutants, especially hazardous wastes. To learn more about proper disposal, please click here.

Pollution Prevention Hotline:
Report washing or dumping of gas, oils, paints, chemicals, cement or any known or unknown substance that isn’t just water going into a gutter, drainage channel or storm drain. This is an illicit discharge! Call 24/7: 634-5730

Only Rain in the Drain

Storm Drain Master Plan

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