The Ivins City Arts Commission consists of seven members appointed by the City Council.  A majority of members are to reside in Ivins and have, in the aggregate, broad experience and expertise in the arts and/or arts organization management and such other characteristics valued by the City Council. [Click here] for a list of the members of the Arts Commission.

With the creation of this Arts Master Plan, Ivins residents and policy makers are setting forth the goals and expectations for the City as it works with developers, businesses, artists, and others to maintain and enhance the reputation and experience of Ivins City as a place for living artfully. Publishing this Arts Master Plan online allows residents and travelers the opportunity to understand the significance of the arts to the present and future of Ivins City.

Powers and Duties of the Arts Commission:

  • Recommend to the City Council how the Arts Master Plan can best be implemented.
  • Recommend to the City Council persons to be appointed to the Arts Commission.
  • Periodically review the Arts Master Plan in accordance with its provisions and recommend to the City Council revisions to the Plan when warranted.
  • Recommend to the City Council applicants to receive RAP tax funding for the arts.

Upcoming Agenda (Click below image to enlarge)

Artists in Ivins

One of the responsibilities of Ivins City’s Arts Commission is to inventory public art (art accessible to the public for inclusion in the Arts Master Plan.  If you are an artist and would like to be listed in the Ivins City Arts Master Plan, please complete the appropriate form below an email it to [email protected] or leave it at City Hall marked for the Arts Commission.








Request for Ivins city rap funds designated for the arts application - click here to download
ivins city arts master plan - click here to download
art in ivins - click here to download
ordinance establishing the ivins city arts commission (click here to download)

Visual Artist Application

Click to Download (For visual artists living in Ivins, artists with a studio in Ivins, or artists represented by a gallery in Ivins

Literary Artist Application

Click to Download (For writers or poets living in Ivins)

Performing Artist Application

Click to Download (For actors, singers, musicians, dancers, or other performing artists living in Ivins)