Frequently Asked Questions

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I will be moving to Ivins City.  How do I apply for utilities?

First, we’d like to extend a heart-felt welcome!  Next, we invite you to click here to visit our Utilities page where you will be guided through the services Ivins City provides and the application process if you are an owner, a landlord or a tenant.  You will find our Welcome Packet is chock full of valuable information as you transition into your new home.

Which utility services are provided by Ivins City?

Ivins City provides water, sewer, storm drain and garbage/recycling (some Kayenta residents receive only storm drain and garbage/recycling).  Electricity is provided by Rocky Mountain Power and can be reached at 888-221-7070.  Natural gas is provided by Dominion Energy and can be reached at 800-323-5517.

Many utility providers require a deposit.  What does Ivins City require?

To begin a water service account, Ivins City requires an application along with a $200 deposit.  See the first paragraph above to link to our utilities page.  Please keep in mind the deposit is credited to your account after 12 consecutive months of on-time payments.

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What is the billing cycle?

Utilities are billed on the first business day of each month for the prior month’s services.  Payments are due by the 20th of each month.  After the 20th, a 5% penalty is added to accounts with a balance due.

Does Ivins City have an automatic payment option?

Yes!  There are many options available to pay your Ivins City utility bill.

Direct Pay automatically deducts the amount of your utility bill from your bank account on approximately the 20th of each month.  All you need to do is fill out and submit the Direct Pay Form along with a voided check.

XpressBillPay.com is a third-party bill pay provider that Ivins City has contracted for our residents to set up an account to make on-line payments.

Your bank’s bill pay system is another automatic payment option.  Please keep in mind that this is NOT an electronic transfer.  Your bank orders a payment from a third-party who then writes a paper check and mails it to Ivins City.  We have seen this process take up to 10 days.

I prefer paying my bill with an old-fashioned check. What are the options?

US Mail – checks can be mailed to Ivins City, 55 N Main St, Ivins UT 84738

In Person at 55 N Main St, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (cash and credit/debit cards too!)

A Lock Box is located on the northwest corner of 55 N Main St

Drive-Up Window on the northwest side of 55 N Main St, Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (cash and credit/debit cards too!)

The Ivins City Post Office at 555 S 200 E has an Ivins City lock box


My utility bill is much high than it usually is.  I couldn’t have used that much water.  What happened?

Keep in mind an expected spike in usage appears starting in March as outside watering is increased.  Also those that have a pool or hot tub often experience an increase in usage in the same time period.

I think I have a water leak.  What do I do?

The first thing to do is perform a leak detection test.  Make sure that all the water is off in your home (no water-using appliances are in use and no faucets or toilets are running).  Open the water meter box that located on the corner of your property near the roadside.  The meter has numbers and an orange star shape which should not be spinning if all the water is off.  A spinning dial indicates a leak somewhere on your property and are the responsibility of the of the homeowner to locate and arrange for repairs.  Often sprinkler system leaks are a likely cause of problems and can be in places that are not visible or obvious.

If the leak is between the meter and the street, Ivins City is responsible for repairs.  Please call Public Works at 634-0689 to report the leak.  A leak in this area would not register on your meter.

Image result for garbage collectionGARBAGE / RECYCLING COLLECTION

I’m moving into a newly constructed home.  How do I get garbage cans?

Call Washington County Solid Waste at 673-2813 to make arrangements for delivery of your new garbage cans (up to two) and one recycling can.

My garbage can has broken.  How do I get it repaired or replaced?

Call Washington County Solid Waste at 673-2813.

When is landfill trash and recycling collected?

Landfill garbage is collected every Monday morning by Republic Services, even on holidays (except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).  Garbage collection can begin as early as 6 a.m. so place your garbage can(s) by the curb Sunday night.

Recycling is collected every other Monday by Dixie Waste under the BluCan program, even on holidays (except Christmas Day and New Year’s Day).  Visit blucan.org to learn what is and isn’t collected.  You can register at Washington County Solid Waste’s website at wcsw.org/recycling/ to receive scheduled pick up notifications.

The garbage collectors missed my garbage can!

If your landfill garbage has not been picked up by late afternoon, call Republic Services at 628-2821.

If your Blucan recycling has not been picked up by late afternoon, call Dixie Waste at 673-5610.

If we have BluCan recycling, why are there also yellow recycling bins around Washington County?

The Binnie program was in place prior to BluCan, and Washington County Solid Waste has agreed to leave them available.  Ivins has two sets: one behind City Hall and another adjacent to the Chevron Gas Station (on 200 E and 500 S) which also has bins for flattened corrugated cardboard boxes.

How do I dispose of large items that do not fit in my garbage can?

Here are a few options:

  1. Republic Services provides a bulky service pickup. Call 628-2821 to schedule a pickup.
  2. Once a month, Ivins City has a Dumpster Day where bulky items can be taken to the top of 100 West and placed into landfill dumpsters. The dates are on our website’s calendar and in our monthly newsletter.
  3. You can drive to the landfill in Washington City.

How do I dispose of hazardous waste?

Washington County Solid Waste hosts collection events.  Learn what is considered hazardous waste and register to receive event notifications by visiting wcsw.org/household-hazardous-waste/