Culinary Water System

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The culinary water system supplies water to all residents in Ivins except for those served by the private KWU water system which covers most of the Kayenta Area.

The culinary water system consists of the following:

  • 67 miles of piping
  • 1400 water valves
  • 4 storage tanks with a total storage capacity of 4.3 million gallons

Water Sources

Ivins City currently uses three main sources of water to supply the water system

  1. Gunlock Wells: located near the Gunlock Reservoir, these wells are owned and operated by the City of St George. Ivins City purchases this water from the City of St George.
  2. Snow Canyon Well Project: Ivins City is a joint owner of wells Snow Canyon with St. George and Santa Clara. The project facilities are operated by City of St. George through agreement.
  3. Quail Creek Reservoir Water Treatment Plant: A regional pipeline delivers water to Ivins City from the water treatment plant located near Quail Creek Reservoir and wells near Sand Hollow Reservoir. Ivins City purchases this water from the Washington County Water Conservancy District.

Ivins City has entered an agreement with the Washington County Water Conservancy District for all future water needs to be delivered from the District.

Water Quality

Our goal is to provide a safe and dependable supply of drinking water to our residents. We test our water to make sure that it meets all safe drinking water standards. Each year we submit a report to our residents with the results of the testing completed by Ivins City and our water source suppliers.

Our previous water quality reports are available here:


2017 Water Quality Report

2016 Water Quality Report

2015 Water Quality Report

2014 Water Quality Report

2013 Water Quality Report

2012 Water Quality Report

Additional information from water source suppliers are located at the following websites:

Washington County Water Conservancy District

City of St. George

Water Conservation

We live in a desert and water is precious. Ivins City encourages water conservation to its utmost extent. If you are unfamiliar with what you can do to contribute towards our water conservation goals. Please click here.

Ivins City Water Conservation Plan and Tips

WCWCD Conservation Plan, Tips & Resources

Water Master Plan

Ivins City is experiencing growth pressures and we have a plan of how to deal with it. Please use the following link if you are interested in more information regarding this plan: