Storm Water

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Ivins City Storm Water Management Plan

The Ivins City Storm Water Management Program as presented in this document is intended to indicate to the public and other affected stakeholders the manner in which Ivins City plans to comply with the storm water protection provisions of the Clean Water Act as enacted by the federal government in accordance with our UPDES (Utah Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) storm water discharge permit No. UTR090049.

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2010-2011 Storm Water Management Plan

Table of Appendices

     Appendix A.  Ordinance No. 2010-2 Storm Water Pollution Control

     Appendix B.  Storm Water System Mapping (BMP 3A)

     Appendix C.  Documentation Procedures

     Appendix D.  Analysis of Storm Water System Expenditures

     Appendix E.  November 2009 State Audit Report and City Response

     Appendix F.  Public Education and Outreach Documents

                    F1.     BMP 1A General Public Outreach and Education

                         F1.1.     Newsletter Articles

                         F1.2.     Website information for Chemical Disposal

                         F1.3.     Website posting of Storm Water Management Plan

                         F1.4.     Hand brochures distributed at City Hall

                         F1.5.     Information of “No Dumping” markers

                    F2.     BMP 1B Business/Commercial Outreach and Education

                         F2.1.     Guidance for mobile power washing companies

                    F3.     BMP 1C Developer/Engineer/Contractor Outreach and Education

                        F3.1.     Ivins City Standard Specifications for Deisgn and Construction Section 2.5

                    F4.     BMP 1D Municipal Employee Training

                         F4.1.     Ivins City Training Program

                         F4.2.     Training Tracking

      Appendix G.     Public Participation and Involvement Documents

                    G1.     BMP 2A Public Participation and Involvement Profram

                         G1.1.     Community Cleanup Days Program

                         G1.2.     Green Waste Collection Program

                         G1.3.     Adopt-a-Block Program

                         G1.4.     Recycling Program

     Appendix H.  Illicit Dischartge Detection and Elimination Documents. 

                    H1.     BMP 3B IDDE Program

                         H1.1.     Citizen Hotline Procedures (SOP IDDE-1)

                         H1.2.     Dry Weather Screening Procedures & Field Sheet (SOP IDDE-2)

                         H1.3.     Storm Drain Network Tracking Illicit Discharge Investigation Procedures, Field Sheet &

                                     Illicit Discharge Detection Report (SOP IDDE-3)

                         H1.4.     Ceasing of Illicit Discharge Procedures (SOP IDDE-4)

                         H1.5.     Enforcement Procedures (SOP IDDE-5)

                         H1.6.     Spill Response Procedures, Flow Chhart & Incident Report (SOP IDDE-6)

     Appendix I.  Construction Site Runoff Control Documents

                    I1.     BMP 4A Site Plan Review

                         I1.1.     SWPPP process information

                         I1.2.     SWPPP Review Procedures (SOP CEC-1)

                         I1.3.     SWPPP Review Checklist

                         I1.4.     UPDES Storm Water Inspection Evaluation Form for SWPPP Compliance (DWQ Standard Form)

                         I1.5.     Individual Lot SWPPP Form

                    I2.     BMP 4B Site Inspection

                         I2.1.     Construction Site Storm Water Inspection Procedures (SOP CEC-2)

                         I2.2.     SWPPP Compliance Inspection Form (DWQ Standard Form)

                         I2.3.     Construction Site Storm Water Inspection Procedures (SOP CEC-2)

     Appendix J.  Post-Construction Storm Water Management Documents

                    J1.     BMP 5A Site Plan Review for Post-Construction Storm Water Management

                         J1.1.     Copy of Sensitive Lands Ordinanace (Ivins Code Title 16, Ch 8, Part 2)

                    J2.     BMP 5B Inspection, Maintenance & Enforcement

                         J2.1.     Structural BMP Inventory GIS Map

     Appendix K.  Pollution Prevention/Good Housekeeping Documents

                    K1.     BMP 6A Facility Operation and Maintenance Program

                         K1.1     List of Ivins City Facilities

                         K1.2.     Assessment of pollution potential of City Facilities

                         K1.3.     Operation and Maintenance SOP’s

                         K1.4.     Floor Drain Inventory 

                    K2.     BMP 6C Facility Inspections

                         K2.1.     Facility Inspection Forms and Procedures 

     Appendix L.  Ivins City Annual Reports submitted to DWQ

     Appendix M.  Utah Storm Water Coalition Meeting Minutes

     Appendix N.  General Permit (UPDES Permit No. 090000) for Discharges from Small Municipal Separate Storm Sewer

                        Systems (MS4)

     Appendix O.  Storm Water General Permit (UPDES Permit No. 300000) for Construction Activities

     Appendix P.  Completed Construction Site Storm Water Inspection Reports past 5 years 

      Appendix Q.  Doncumentation from Training Events past 5 years

     Appendix R.  Documentation from Illicit Discharges/Spills past 5 years 

      Appendix S.  Documentation from Facilities Inspections past 5 years 

      Appendix T.  Documentation from Dry Weather Screening past 5 years