Turn Me On Two Times a Week

Fall watering schedule begins September 1

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Saturday, September 1 marks the start of the fall watering schedule in Washington County. Residents and businesses are encouraged to cut back their sprinkler and drip irrigation to two days per week through October 31.

To help be even more water wise, the Washington County Water Conservancy District (district) recommends watering after sunset and before sunrise to reduce evaporation and help avoid moisture-stealing winds in the late afternoon.

Using the cycle-and-soak method of sprinkler watering is helpful to lawns in any season. Running sprinklers in three cycles about an hour apart allows soil to absorb water slowly and deeply and reduces the risk of runoff or water waste. Hand water dry spots.

Residents can also learn more about water conservation programs, tips, free irrigation audits and rebates by visiting www.wcwcd.org/conservation/programs.

Efficient landscape watering is one of the ways Washington County residents and businesses can conserve water. Increased water conservation efforts have allowed the county to grow in population and still decrease overall water use by one billion gallons.

“We can’t thank our community enough,” said Ron Thompson, general manager for the district. “Our residents, businesses and municipalities have really stepped up to the challenge and are embracing water-smart living. It’s making a difference to the entire state.”

About Washington County Water Conservancy District

The Washington County Water Conservancy District is a not-for-profit public agency established in 1962 to manage Southern Utah’s regional water needs.  The district oversees the development, stabilization, management, acquisition and conservation of water resources in Washington County in an ongoing effort to provide a safe, reliable water supply for current and future generations.  Visit www.wcwcd.org for more information.