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Public Works Department

The Public Works Department strives to provide efficient professional street and utility services to the citizens of Ivins City. These services include:

  • Culinary Water System: Maintaining 67 miles of pipelines with sizes up to 14 inches in diameter and four storage tanks with a total capacity of 4.3 million gallons.
  • Sanitary Sewer System: Maintaining 56 miles of pipelines with sizes up to 12 inches in diameter.
  • Storm Drain System: Maintaining 29 miles of pipelines with sizes up to 72 inches in diameter, 962 inlets and manholes, and 8 detention/flood protection dams.
  • Street System: Maintaining 56 miles of public streets including pavement, curb and gutter, sidewalks, street signage and lighting.
  • Engineering & Construction Management: Providing design and design review services for capital projects and developer projects in a rapidly growing City. Also developing standards for design and construction, providing mapping services for the city. Providing inspection and construction management of all capital and developer projects.
  • Storm Drain Pollution Prevention Program: Providing education, maintenance, monitoring and enforcement to reduce pollution to local rivers and lakes.

We complete all of these tasks with a small but competent team of experienced professionals:

Charles R. Gillette, P.E., Public Works Director and City Engineer, professional engineer with 21 years of experience.
Thomas Jorgensen, P.E., Asst. Public Works Director of Administration, professional engineer with 8 years of experience.
Jennifer Chapman, PW Administrative Assistant, administrative professional with 13 years of experience.
Shiloh Pentz, Asst. Public Works Director of Operations, operations professional with 23 years of experience.

Our professional experienced field crew:

Matt Cooper, Operator II
Travis Gubler, Operator II
Justin Davenport, Operator II
Page Bowler, Operator II
Trevor Thompson, Operator I

Phone Contact Information:

Office: 435-634-0689 (Monday – Friday, 8 AM to 5 PM)
After Hours: 435-634-5730