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Emergency: Dial 911

Know Your Neighbor

Know Your Neighbor is a program designed to increase security in neighborhoods, by involving as many individuals and families as possible in a united crime prevention effort.

Our Mission:

“We believe that citizens have a right to livable and secure neighborhoods in order to pursue their lives free of fear and crime. We believe it is the responsibility of citizens to build and maintain livable and cohesive neighborhoods and to support and assist each other in the prevention of crime.

We believe citizen involvement is an integral part of maintaining an effective and vital police service and that it is a proper role of police and other government agencies to provide resources to citizens who are working to improve the livability and safety of neighborhoods.

We believe that committed citizens and committed police, working cooperatively toward these ends, create a united and secure community and reduce vulnerability to crime.”

If you would like to learn more about this program for yourself or community, contact Captain Rich Rodgers at rrodgers@ivins.com.