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Crime Prevention

Most burglaries are committed in broad daylight and nearly one-third occur through unlocked doors or open windows. Some other illegal entries occur because residents leave keys hidden outside in obvious places, leave doors unlocked while working in the yard or by use of a former occupant’s key. Approximately half of all forced entries are made without the use of a tool. The burglar just uses hands or feet.

The average time spent entering a home to commit a burglary is less than three minutes. Most burglars will not break in if they know someone is home. The most common method of operation burglars use is to knock on the door and if no one answers, proceed to break in.

• During the summer months we tend to keep windows open, which increases the risk of invasion. Keep windows and doors locked. Most burglaries are committed without forced entry. Perpetrators are looking for an easy target. Locking doors and windows may prevent or at least delay an entry.
• Keep your garage doors closed. It is very easy for someone to walk into an open garage and take items while you are otherwise engaged in your home or yard. If you have a garage door key pad, change the entry code on a regular basis. If you need to leave your garage door open for pets or ventilation, do not allow enough room for someone to crawl under the door.
• Think about installing a security system or motion censored lighting around your home. Activation of the lights and alarm system draws attention to your home, making it less likely for someone to enter your home.

For more information on making your home safer from crime, contact the Public Safety Department and organize a Know Your Neighbor presentation in your neighborhood. You can also email Captain Rich Rodgers at rrodgers@ivins.com.