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City Hall:
55 N Main, Ivins UT 84738

Public Safety:
2603 Santa Clara Dr. Santa Clara, UT 84765

City Hall:
55 N Main, Ivins UT 84738

City Council

Mayor Chris Hart1/1/2017-12/31/2021Contact Me
Ron Densley


Contact Me
Jenny Johnson1/1/2016-12/31/2019Contact Me
Cheyne McDonald1/1/2010-12/31/2021Contact Me
Dennis Mehr1/1/2016-12/31/2019Contact Me
Miriah Elliott1/1/2018-12/31/2021 

Planning Commission

MembersTerm ExpiresEmail
Bryan Pack2020Contact Me
Lance Anderson2020Contact Me
Jeffrey Loris2022Contact Me
Doug CliffordApril 1, 2023Contact Me
Bob MorrisApril 1, 2023Contact Me

Arts Commission

Christie GublerMarch 2020
Judity KapuscinskiMarch 2020
Eva LorentzenMarch 2020
Matt MartenMarch 2020
Mike ScottMarch 2020
Kevin WarnickMarch 2020

Staff Directory

DepartmentMain PhonePositionFax NumberEmail
ADMINISTRATION435-628-0606 435-674-5486Contact Us
Dale Coulam City Manager/Attorney  
Lane Mecham Director of Finance  
Kari Jimenez City Recorder  
Char Raine Human Resources  
Jennifer Chapman Treasurer  
Kent Cook Customer Service/Business License  
Laurel Hill Administrative Assistant  
BUILDING435-634-9753 435-656-2286 Contact Us
Cody Mitchell Deputy Building Official  
Sharon Allen Deputy City Recorder  
Mike Rodriguez Building and Zoning Administrator  
PARKS & RECREATION435-634-7719 435-656-2286Contact Us
Benny Sorensen Director of Parks and Recreation  
  Parks Supervisor  
Sarah Nash Recreation Coordinator  
PUBLIC WORKS435-634-0689 435-656-2286Contact Us
Chuck Gillette Public Works Director/Engineer  
Tom Jorgenesen Assistant Public Works Director of Administration  
Shiloh Pentz Assistant Pubic Works Director of Operations  
Melinda Gibson Administrative Assistant  
PUBLIC SAFETY435-652-1122 435-652-1101 
Bob Flowers Public Safety Director  
Rich Rodgers Captain  
Jaron Studley Sergeant  
Nick Hallman Sergeant  
Virginia Grenier Administrative Assistant  
Susie McArthur Administrative Assistant (P/T)  
FIRE/EMS435-674-5503 435-656-1437 Contact Us
Dan Nelson Fire Chief  
Kinzie Tobler Fire/EMS  
Shannon Sullivan Fire/EMS  
ANIMAL CONTROL435-628-1049   Contact Us
Bailee Sleppy Shelter Manager  
Colton Tanner Shelter Worker  
FLEET MAINTENANCE435-628-0606 435-674-5486 
Wilson Jimenez