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Sep 04 2009

Fire Rescue

Ivins Fire DepartmentIvins Fire Department


Fire/Rescue personnel provide fire services to the residents and businesses of Ivins City, as well as a 495 square mile response area which includes Gunlock, Snow Canyon State Park, Motoqua, Shivwits Indian Reservation,and Old Highway 91 to the Arizona border. They respond to fire calls (brush, residential, vehicle, etc.), accidents, and other incidents requiring immediate action to reduce the loss of life and property. They conduct public education programs, pre-fire planning, fire hydrant inspections, fire prevention inspections, pre-business licensing fire inspections, in addition to maintaining fire fighting equipment and apparatus.Ivins City currently has two fire stations. One is located on Center Street and the second one is in the Coyote Gulch business area in Kayenta. These two stations house fire and rescue equipment for Ivins City.  Fire and rescue equipment owned by Ivins City includes one 65-foot Pierce Quantum Fire Truck, two Type 1 Structure Engines, two Type 6 Brush Engines, two Ambulances, and one Light Squad. 

  The rescue unit is a specially modified vehicle that was designed to carry all necessary BLS (Basic Life Support) equipment to provide initial emergency services. The rescue unit is normally the first unit on scene for patient care. EMTs complete patient assessments and render advanced first aid, as well as getting the patient stabilized for transport by Dixie Ambulance to Dixie Regional Medical Center, if needed. In the near future we will have certification to provide intermediate and advanced emergency medical care (ALS-Advanced Life Support). The City is currently in the process of obtaining licensure for Intermediate Ground Ambulance Service with the State of Utah, Bureau of Emergency Medical Services for transporting patients to the hospital. The rescue unit also responds in conjunction with the Fire/Rescue Department on any calls for extrication and fire suppression.

Our volunteers provide the City with 24 hour fire and rescue coverage. The department offers continued training for the volunteer firefighters and EMS personnel every month. All volunteers are required to work toward passing the State firefighter certification examinations and hazardous materials certifications. 

Our Fire/Rescue Department is always recruiting new volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering as a firefighter and/or EMT, please contact us.