Ivins City looking forward to the the 2018 Spring Street Sealing Projects. This work is scheduled to be completed during the month of May. You may have noticed City public works crews applying a rubberized mastic seal to street cracks over the past couple of months. This is usually done in preparation of a surface reseal and resurfacing. Our plan is to  apply three asphalt sealing technologies. We have contracted to complete following treatments:
Holbrook Asphalt has been contracted to apply a high density mineral bond, a proprietary product also known as HA5, over 250,000 square feet of asphalt. This spray on asphalt seal locks out moisture and prevents oxidation from the sun. The following roads are included:
* 200 North St (from 550 West to 300 West)
* 400 West St (from 150 North to 200 North)
* Cantera Court
* Redstone Court
* Kwavasa Drive (from 200 North to Paiute Drive)
* 495 West St (from Center Street to 200 South)
* 200 South St (from 400 West to 525 West)
* Ivy Circle
Straight Stripe has been contracted to apply a chip seal over 510,000 square feet of asphalt. Chip seal is an application of a thick gummy spray on asphalt oil followed by placing 1/4-inch rock over the top which presses into the oil and provides a very durable layer of asphalt protection. The following roads are included:
* Taviawk Drive/400 West (from 300 North to Wintook Drive)
* Center Street (from 200 West to Red Mountain Blvd/200 East)
* Red Mountain Blvd/200 East (from Center Street to 200 South)
Chip seals are known to be a bit rough, especially for cyclists, and we generally have avoided using them in Ivins for the past decade. However, this seal will be overlaid with another treatment that is smoother called a slurry seal. American Pavement Preservation has been contracted to apply a slurry seal over all of the chip seal and also an additional 130,000 square feet of asphalt over Old Highway 91, from Red Mountain Blvd/200 East to Santa Clara. Also City of Santa Clara will continue the project down into through Santa Clara Drive.
If you live on one of the impacted streets, you will be sent a notification at least 24 hours before the road shutdown.
Ivins City has been investing money in making sure that we have good roads that will last as long as possible before needing reconstruction. Studies have shown that every dollar spent to keep roads maintained will save ten dollars of possible reconstruction. These annual projects will help the City’s roads stay in good shape into the future.


Kayenta Debris Basins: Construction has less than a month before completion.  The concrete work on the basin structures are complete.  The remaining items include the earthen structures along with landscaping and access roads. The project is anticipated to be completed by the end of May.
2MG Tank Project: Landscaping up at the tank is complete. A perimeter fence will likely be installed in May, finishing up the project.  
Ivins Reservoir: The reservoir will be closed until June/July. Work on the entrance and parking facilities are underway.  There will be continued construction to install restrooms and landscaping.