Ivins City has started construction of the Kayenta Debris and Detention Dams. In 2014, the Coyote Gulch Wash in the Kayenta area experienced some monster flooding. If you have any doubt, search for “Kayenta Flood” on Youtube.com and you will see what I mean. The City applied for federal funding from the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) and received a 75% grant from the Emergency Watershed Program for the $1.4 million project. The dams were designed by Jones and Demille, and JP Excavating has been selected and started the construction. Terry Marten of Kayenta Development donated the property. In addition to the dams, the funds also contributed to the replacement of a 48-inch diameter metal culvert with a 4’x10’ concrete box culvert and install headwalls on the culvert crossings at Kwavasa Drive and Kayenta Parkway. The project is planned to be completed by April 2018.


The next project impacts many of us that use 400 South to exit the central part of Ivins to head west towards Highway 91 when we are going to Gunlock or Las Vegas. The configuration of these roads are about to change forever. The intersection of 400 South and Old Highway 91 has always been considered unsafe due to the strange angle of the connecting roads. Our master plan has always planned for a realignment of the intersection as shown in the accompanying diagram. The 3rd phase of  the Cliff Rose subdivision realigned 400 South so that it now will dead-end into 600 W (Kwavasa Drive), and 600 West now needs to be connected to Highway 91 to create a new, safer intersection. The City has selected JP Excavating to complete the work, which is now underway and it is expected to be completed around the end of February, weather permitting.