Nestled at the base of the majestic cliffs of towering vermilion sandstone lies the community of Ivins. Nowhere in the United States can so many reasons be found to relax and enjoy life as you will find here.  Located in Southwestern Utah, next to the City of St. George and away from the busy I-15 corridor, you can still wander and hear the whispering solitude of the delicate desert.  Here is the place for the rest of your life — figuratively and literally. Standing in one spot an unparalleled panorama unfolds: fifteen hundred foot red sandstone cliffs with white sandstone formations above, dark black lava flows, blue gray mountains, pink peaks of Zion National Park, gray green sage covered hills, brilliant desert flowers, peregrine falcons in flight, eagles soaring, coveys of quails, the scamper of cottontails, chirping crickets, buzzing bees. Depending on the season, nature treats you to a bath of sun or rare and gentle snow, an evening breeze or a stiff wind moving in a thunder storm with billowing clouds and a dashing display of lightening, maybe soothing rains or a desert thundershower with cascading waterfalls. All these are here in one place without turning except to see another spectacular display of nature’s wonders.

2018 Observed Holidays
01/01/2018 – (M) New Year’s Day
01/15/2018 – (M) Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
02/19/2018 – (M) President’s Day
05/28/2018 – (M) Memorial Day
07/04/2018 – (W) Independence Day
07/24/2018 – (T) Pioneer Day
09/03/2017 – (M) Labor Day
10/08/2018 – (M) Columbus Day
11/12/2018 – (M) Veterans’ Day
11/22/2018 – (Th) Thanksgiving Day
11/23/2018 – (F) Thanksgiving
12/24/2018 – (M) Christmas Eve
12/25/2018 – (T) Christmas Day