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NOTICE: Trailhead Closures

As a result of the Ivins City Dam Rehabilitation project beginning, the Toe Trail and all associated trailheads are now CLOSED for the duration of the construction. Trails are expected to remain closed for approximately 4 months.

For your safety and that of construction crews please respect these closures.

Trailheads CLOSED
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Upcoming Meetings

The City Council meets on the first and third Thursdays at 5:30 P.M. at
55 N. Main St., Ivins, Utah.

January 3, 17
February 7, 21
March 7, 21
April 4, 18, 25*
May 2*, 16
June 6, 20

July 18*
August 1, 15
September 5, 19
October 3, 17
November 7, 21
December 5, 19

Work Meetings for the Ivins City Council will be scheduled as needed.
*The original meet date of May 2nd has been changed to April 25th
*Due to the July 4th Holiday falling on the first Thursday in July, there will only be one meeting in July.

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When retirement approached we began looking for affordable housing in an interesting area in ever-widening circles from our home in Los Angeles, and we were intrigued by Sun River and came out to see it. But I’m a retired astronomer and the houses there were too close together for me to set up my telescope in the front or back yard. That was disappointing, but we had the rest of the weekend to look, so checked out other homes in the St. George area. We eventually found ourselves in Kayenta looking at a wonderful new home in a to-die-for setting up against magnificent red cliffs — and a dark sky that would be perfect for my telescope. We bought it on the spot and have been happy Ivins residents since 2006.
John Mosley & Barbara Foster
I was born and raised in Ogden, UT, my wife was born in Southern California. My dad was born in Gunlock. When I was a child I spent many summers in Gunlock and loved this area. In the early 90’s we were living in Southern California involved in a business I started in 1982. We made several trips to Ivins staying at the RV park in Snow Canyon. In 1992 my wife (Jeanie) wanted to go to a health resort, we researched many and decided with one in Utah, NIF (National institute of Fitness) now Red Mountain Spa. Outstanding!!! One day Jeanie called me from NIF and said she wanted to move here, I said go find a house, guess what, the next day she called again and said “I found a house”. I drove up the next weekend to look at the house she found. The location was perfect, the house had a little to consider but loved the small town feel. I had visions of down the road remodeling. The one drawback was getting to St George, what is now Snow Canyon Parkway was a dirt road, not passable in anything but a truck. So one had to go around and through Santa Clara. We purchased the house right away and Jeanie started buying furniture so we could move in. I had to commute back and forth to California every week for 10 years but it was worth it. I couldn’t wait for Thursdays so I could go home. I can’t explain how much we have grown to love the beauty, the people and all that goes with living here. Over the years we have traveled around the USA at least 5 times in a motorhome, seen many great and beautiful places, including many trips to Europe. That all said, nothing compares to Ivins and the Southern Utah area. There is so much beauty and great places to visit within an hour or so drive (little or no traffic) The views of the red mountains are so beautiful, they change with the weather and sun position, never get tired of looking. People are very friendly, the area is all kept very clean. Great restaurants and shopping and the medical facilities, what can I say, they are truly the BEST.
Jay and Jeanie Tullis
I've lived in sunny Ivins since 2001, permanently since 2003. I say "permanently since 2003," because my husband Alan and I were living between Alaska and Utah since his work required that he live a certain amount of time in Alaska. Prior to that time I was unfamiliar with Utah. I was raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, graduated from the University of Texas El Paso and taught elementary school there for several years prior to moving to Alaska with my first husband, but my travels had never taken me through Utah. Alan, whom I met after I divorced and while working in Alaska's oil fields, had been through St. George on a trip to Zion Park. Since we were looking for a warm, sunny, not-too-big place to retire after working in cold, sometimes dreary Alaska for twenty years, he suggested we look into the St. George area. Fortunately, while looking at homes in the St. George area, we came to Ivins and discovered this wonderful place. The homes in the area suited us much better than those we'd seen in other county areas. Desert landscape with minimal grass was our preference then and even more so now. The Ivins neighborhood where we bought had very few homes in 2001, but is completely filled with homes now. The 200-acre open area behind the house is now nearly full, too. So, others have definitely found Ivins and our city's future may prove to be a bit challenging as we work to meet the growth projections and manage our water to deal with that. Fortunately, Ivins is being very progressive when it comes to managing water, and as a resident I greatly appreciate that vision and work. I also appreciate the work that's being done to deal with housing affordability, which will continue to challenge this area that's been discovered by wealthy people who can afford expensive homes which drive up home prices leaving our service employees lacking. Alan did not live to see the growth in Ivins due to his death in 2006. The extreme growth in the county overall that he witnessed prior to his death troubled him, however. His desire was to live in a smaller, slower-moving area. I look forward to many more years in Ivins with my current partner and former Utah Attorney General, Paul Van Dam, who also loves this particular area of Washington County.
Lisa Rutherford